My name is Ronald Payne and I am the 2022, 2020, and 2018 Republican Party Nominee for the Texas State House of Representatives District 120. Previsously I was the 1996 Libertarian Party Nominee for the California State Assembly District 25. I am a member of the Republican Party Liberty Caucus and my political philosopy is a broad mix of Conservative and Libertarian ideals.

Currently I am taking a break from politics in the 2024 election cycle to spend time with family and friends and to otherwise enjoy my long earned military retirement. I plan on returning to politics in the 2026 or 2028 election cycle when I will seek election to either the United States House of Representatives or the Texas State House of Representatives.

I believe that the People in our Federal and Texas State Representative District should have a Representative that actually lives in the community, has common sense, shares the community values, understands the community’s needs, has the critical thing skills to develop innovative solutions to modern problems with the vision and adaptability to embrace the future while simultaneously remembering histrory and respecting tradition, and who will tirelessly advocate on behalf of the best interests of the whole community.

With three decades of combined military and civilian experience in leadership and management, teaching and curriculum development, defending our country and protecting our community, healing the sick and injured, and assisting with the immigration, resettlement, and naturalization of special immigrants, refugees, and asylum beneficiaries with United States Government and/or Coalition Forces Affiliations in support of the Global War on Terrorism and Overseas Contingency Operations, I am fully capable and uniquely qualified to best serve the People in the United States or Texas State House of Representatives.

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